no excuses

When I finally decide to go ahead and follow through with something, things decided to get harder. Ugh!!! Am i the only person that seems not to hit the nail on the head? it is so frustrating to always give up for some reason or another. I have come to terms that there are no obstacles in the road, our own insecurities create illusions of obstacles that are not really there.
For some reason lately ive had a rush of enthusiasm, i started running, something ive never really done and it felt great! But now i am scared that i won’t keep it up because i gave up on something else.
Some times i feel so incompetent, i don’t understand why. i have the capability to be great at everything but there is a little monster in me that makes me lazy and uncaring about things, perhaps i have to see a physiologist or something.
Well the root to my lazy monster is known. My parents, they have been very supportive on all my decisions but they have always been negative people especially my father, he once told me that i had nothing special that i was just like any other person (regarding towards singing). That has been the answer to everything since i was young. It’s so sad to know that everything we deal with in our younger years affect us so much later on in life.
It’s like im in a daze that i can’t seem to snap out of. This little hypno session started about 3 years ago when my house was the devils den. i hated going home due to family issues “brother issues” “drug issues (not me)” i went into this uncaring mode.. Like cruise control, where i would just ignore everything and anything in order to not break down, but maybe that’s what i needed.. a break down. Perhaps if i would have broken down i wouldn’t be the ambitious zombie i am today. i just wish some people would understand that i was in a sad place for a long time and these walls ive built are very hard to break.
i need to start finishing what i start or ill be in this on-going circle that leads to no where forever.
I know very goal oriented people whish I admire so much. Its hard to see how much ambition one person can have and here I am with so little, I wish they could transfer some this way. For ambitious people there are no obstacles just problems that need to be solved, for people like me obstacles are the end of the road, a no outlet sign. Its so easy to judge others but the reality is that people should dig deep to find the core reason to other peoples actions and reactions.

I am going to change, I have realized my problem and I am going to solve it. This is the last time I give up. We where all born with a little brief case under our shoulders with specific talents and abilities but they came with no instructions, Its all up to us how we use them and achieve success with them.


Girls Night! makeup package

Girl’s night!
With: Makeup by Mari

-Minimum of 5 girls
-$35.00 each


Get dolled up with the BFF`s before
a night out.

-Hair styling:
-Blow drying and ironing

-Beauty tips on individual skin types
-Color charts
-Makeup charts

Makeup by Mari
(305) 790-6372
Message me on facebook:

5 girls will be a 3-4 hour session. The HOST of the party will receive services FOR FREE!!

Makeup twilight zone

Yesterday I went makeup shopping, what a joyful event. As I got closer to the Sephora entrance I got more anxious with every step, like standing on a free way while cars headed my way. I was so overwhelmed with products, shimmers, colors and brands that all of the sudden I forgot what all those products where for and what to do with them. I made my way through every brand beginning with Makeup Forever then NARS, soon Urban Decay, after Bare Minerals and so on, to find that I didn’t know why I went to the store on the first place. I couldn’t make up my mind! To avoid any confusion when buying makeup one should do research before going to the twilight zone. Go on to the stores website and see what featured products they have, go online and watch some YouTube videos on makeup application to get an idea of what you might need. A great tip is to make a list of what you want that way you go straight for the target making your experience a bit more pleasant. So after I was hypnotized for about 15 minutes I realized that there where two products I wanted to try: NARS sheer glow foundation and Lancôme’s concealers. What a relief, Finally I was able to make some decision with this over-flow of products. Lesson of the day DO NOT go to Sephora without knowing what it is you want, you will spend money on things that just cough your eye which will end up in a drawer some where because you had no use for it. Remember your face is like your business card. Makeup products are expensive but your face deserves the best, that’s why doing a little research before going to these types of stores is so convenient. If you do not have any know-how with makeup you can always consult one of the makeup artist at the store or YouTube Makeup tutorials. If you have the chance to shop at any of these types of stores with and immense amount of products let me know what the experience was like.

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Makeup is going back to the future

old hollywoodApparently the 40s and 50s are coming back but just a bit toned down. The red lips as well as the pink lips are part of this seasons look and how could we do 40s and 50s without the sophisticated light eye shadow paired up with a winged liner. This combination is perfect for any occasion. With this seasons look we get to play with colors and indulge in what being a women is all about: beauty!
Less is more with this season the less you seem to have on the more beautiful you will look, remember that makeup is about enhancing natural beauty not about looking like a cake. Cheeks should be pink, soft and toped with a nice shimmery product on your upper cheek bone.
We can’t forget that a great attraction of the 40s and 50s where those amazingly groomed eyebrows, how do we get a pair of incredibly well groomed brows? Well besides the obvious tweezing or waxing, filling in the brows with a shadow or an eye brow pencil is key, applying just a tad of the product and spreading it well all over the brow creating a arched shape is what we are looking for.
Finally: your lips. Remember to always line your lips and with the liner fill in the lips as well to create a long lasting color once you apply your lipstick

Makeup for spring / flirty and fun

We all want to look our best at all times but when we begin making up our selves we kind of loose track of keeping things natural and end up with the “Smokey eye” well at least that’s what happens to me. In all truths to our obsession of looking fabulous, less is more! By simply accentuating our natural beauty and keeping things simple we achieve a flirtier, more inviting and younger look. I have been told once before by a (boy) friend that I seemed “high maintenance” I was surprised to hear that since im nothing like that. It occurred to me that since Im always well groomed he figured that I was “high maintenance” what a misconception. What! girls can’t look good without being high maintenance? Like I say “there are no ugly women just lazy women.” Let’s be “high maintenance” and take advantage now that spring is here, lets begin playing with pinks, champagnes, bronzers and mascara. Here Tiffany a YouTube makeup guru will show us how to create a fun, flirty, natural look.

Weekend photo shoots

Besides makeup, I also have a fascination with photography. Every weekend I try to do some photo shoots and invite any one who needs pictures for their portfolios. If you are interested in some shots contact me at Obviously it’s up to you how you dress and if you want me to make you up I do charge for makeup due to product usage and cost. Also if you have an idea for a shoot i am open to suggestions.

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Facial Cleanser

I have an addiction to face cleansing products, I have tried them all but there is one I keep coming back to.. The clean and clear oil free foaming facial cleanser… I have tried other facial cleansers’ and they do not leave my face completely clean… Well, at least that’s how I feel… But the clean and clear makes …your face feel so fresh and clean… Totally recommend it.