Makeup for spring / flirty and fun

We all want to look our best at all times but when we begin making up our selves we kind of loose track of keeping things natural and end up with the “Smokey eye” well at least that’s what happens to me. In all truths to our obsession of looking fabulous, less is more! By simply accentuating our natural beauty and keeping things simple we achieve a flirtier, more inviting and younger look. I have been told once before by a (boy) friend that I seemed “high maintenance” I was surprised to hear that since im nothing like that. It occurred to me that since Im always well groomed he figured that I was “high maintenance” what a misconception. What! girls can’t look good without being high maintenance? Like I say “there are no ugly women just lazy women.” Let’s be “high maintenance” and take advantage now that spring is here, lets begin playing with pinks, champagnes, bronzers and mascara. Here Tiffany a YouTube makeup guru will show us how to create a fun, flirty, natural look.

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